Acrylic Brush cat tongue size 2

This product is similar to:

Acrylic powder white 30g
Finely sieved white acrylic powder for use with Acryl Liquid. For strong and durable nails.
7,49 EUR
24,97 EUR per 100g
Acrylic color powder Pure Orange 3 g
Coloured acryllic powder in studio quality for your acrylic nail sculpting. 
1,99 EUR
66,33 EUR per 100g
Dappen Dish glass
The perfect dish for mixing and preparing gels, acrylic powders and liquids.
1,03 EUR

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Cuticle Pusher/Spatula pointed
For carefully pushing the nail cuticle back from the nail. Ideal for new sculpting, manicures and pedicures.
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UV Base & Top Varnish 10 ml
UV Base & Top Varnish is a special UV top and sealer polish in a practical brush bottle. Our Base & Top Varnish clear polish is ideal for natural nails, gel nails as well as toe nails.
4,99 EUR
49,90 EUR per 100ml