UV Gel Series for impressive nail modeling

Impressive nail modeling with UV/LED gels


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UV gel“ or „UV gel nägel“ typically refers to a type of nail enhancement or manicure technique. A special gel-based product is applied to the nails and then cured under a UV (ultraviolet) lamp to cure and set the gel.
The process of making UV gel nails is normally as follows:

1. nail preparation: the nail technician cleans and prepares your natural nails by removing any nail polish, shaping the nails and gently pushing back the cuticles. 2. base coat: a thin layer of clear or coloured gel base coat is applied to the nails. 3. UV curing: After applying the base coat, place your hands under a UV lamp for a certain time. The UV light activates the gel and allows it to cure.
. 4. building up layers: The process may involve applying multiple layers of gel (coloured or transparent) to achieve the desired thickness and shape. After each layer, the gels are cured under the UV lamp. 5. nail design: nail technicians can add different designs such as nail art, glitter or decals during the process. 6. top coat: A final coat of clear gel top coat is applied and cured under the UV lamp for a shiny finish and added protection.
7. final polish: excess gel is removed and the nails are shaped and polished to achieve the desired look.
UV gel nails are popular because they are durable, long-lasting and offer a polished look. However, they require proper care and professional removal to avoid damaging the natural nails. During removal, the nails are usually soaked in acetone to gently dissolve the gel layers.

Nail gels: the basis for elaborate nail designs

If you want a nail design to last for weeks, nail gels are ideal. The UV and LED gels are applied in several layers during nail modelling and then cure under UV light. This makes the nails particularly stable and hard-wearing, but at the same time they also inspire with an expressive design. However, a nail modellage is only as good as the products used for it and their processing. If you are looking for the right materials and aids for nail modelling, you can rely on us. We offer you a large selection of good products. Our nail gels are very easy and clean to apply. They also last a long time.

Discover a terrific variety of colours

The nail gels available from us are available in a wide variety of colours. The design lines are based on current trends, but can also be combined again and again in new ways. For example, if you choose our nail gels from the X-Tra Line, you can rely on particularly easy application. The gels are much thicker than normal polishes or many gels. This means that they do not run into the nail edges.

Apply the nail gels with the right brushes


In order to create the nail gels you want, it is important that you apply them as precisely and cleanly as possible. Depending on your favourite design, this is best achieved by using different brushes. We have a selection of brushes in different sizes to match our gels. Here, too, you can of course rely on top quality right from the start. Our brushes lose hardly any hair and are easy to clean. Even if you are looking for the right UV lamp to cure your nail gels you can rely on me. To give you even more freedom in creating nail designs, we present a selection of modelling templates.