UV gel starter set for nail modelling

LED/UV gel Sets

Great gel sets for nail modelling For your perfect nail modeling you don't want to be dependent on an appointment in the nail studio every time? Make your nail modeling at home, just as professional, elegant and durable as in the studio. Here you will find the right gels for this, often with a great UV light curing device and other accessories. 

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With a gel set, equipped with real professional accessories, you can achieve intoxicatingly beautiful fingernails. First nail modelling? Simply order a professional nail set. Would you like to try a really great nail modeling at home for the first time? How about our great UV gel sample set? With this gel set you get a complete light-curing device, the UV primer gel, build-up gel, French gel and the gel for sealing at a reasonable trial price. You can also use the UV devices offered here for your toenail modeling by removing the base plate. Once you have done the first test with the Starter Nail Set, you will see how easy professional nail cosmetics are with our great gels. Later you can simply order a nail set for constant nail modelling. For chic nail designs you can, for example, buy the nail set with stamp set. You can expand your equipment with the nail set with five professional brushes and the 1-phase gel. You will not only quickly see how easy it is to make real super nails at home, but you will also have fun doing it. With these gel sets from our nail shop, you can always give your hands and feet the outfit you want, as often as you want and as imaginatively as you want to design your modeling. UV gels, UV color gels and accessories - gel set in the best studio quality. You will find a nail set classic in many variations as well as your desired nail set for the very special look. With a high-quality nail set, you also have the great advantage that all components, including the accessories supplied, are perfectly matched. With our gel sets, we give you the matching products and at the same time the right tools for creative, trendy nail design. Save money by buying a set compared to buying them individually. Gel set after gel set you will soon have put together your own little nail studio at home. Fast and cheap - simply order onlin