UV/LED Gels X-tra Line

UV/LED Gels X-tra Line

Strong gels for easier application.

Medium to thick viscous gels that do not run into the edges of the nail.

1 to 24 (from a total of 24)

Polygel Set: The perfect base for self-made nägel

More and more women are deciding to take their nail design into their own hands. Of course, they don't want to compromise on quality and design. A good alternative to the costly acrylic nails are polygel nails. With the polygel set you can order the perfect basis for your self-made nails. We have various set sizes and combinations available here, so that you can find your favourite in no time at all. A great advantage of polygel nails is that they are easy to use. This means that very elegant and chic nails can be created in no time at all, even without specialist knowledge.

How are polygel nails designed?

With the polygel set you get everything you need to copy the nail trend. Polygel is also known to many as hybrid gel. Unlike the classic gels, it works with stencils. These templates also contain the polyacrylic gel and are pressed onto the previously shaped nails. Now the gel applied to the nails just has to cure. Then it can be filed for the final touch. With the polygel set, you can create a professional nail design as well as a simple nail extension.

More stable than normal nail polish

With a polygel set, you can conjure up professional-looking nails in no time at all. Polygel is far superior to classic nail polish. The resulting designs are conjured up in the twinkling of an eye, look particularly high-quality and are also very stable. Polygel is also very easy to model. This means that there is no time pressure during application and you can look forward to a beautiful, stylish design. The UV light makes the polygel particularly firm, but at the same time it is also highly resilient. With a polygel set from our online shop you get everything you need for nail design. Even with heavy use, you don't have to worry about a broken nail or loss of colour. Furthermore, the polygel nails last quite a long time with an average of three to four weeks.