UV gel starter set including UV/LED combination lamp with fiberglass gel, 1-phase gel and nail art accessories - starter set - beginner set - UV gel kit

This product is compatible with (for example):

Celllets 500 pieces
Pads 500 pcs. practical lint-free cellulose pads for cleaning finger nails.
2,99 EUR
Cuticle Pusher/Spatula pointed
For carefully pushing the nail cuticle back from the nail. Ideal for new sculpting, manicures and pedicures.
4,09 EUR
Remover 100ml - nail polish remover for UV nail polish and hybrid polish
Remover is a special liquid for easy lifting and removal of UV nail polishes.
3,99 EUR
39,90 EUR per l

This product is similar to:

UV Gel Classic Builder Gel Clear 5 ml incl. 3 pcs. Brush set and Cleaner 100ml
It is a medium viscose builder gel that can be easily applied and does not run into the edges of the nail. In this way the finger nail maintains its distinctive stability and durability. 
11,99 EUR
1x  UV-LED Gel VIOLET clear fiberglass 1-Phase 30 ml incl. 1x Sculpting Stencils (500 pieces)
In this set you get 500 modeling templates and our UV fiberglass gel violet clear 30ml.
13,49 EUR