Nail Studio Starter Set Queensland uv gel color UV/LED combi Lamp - professional nail kit

This product is compatible with (for example):

Celllets 500 pieces
Pads 500 pcs. practical lint-free cellulose pads for cleaning finger nails.
2,99 EUR
Cuticle Pusher/Spatula pointed
For carefully pushing the nail cuticle back from the nail. Ideal for new sculpting, manicures and pedicures.
4,09 EUR
Remover 100ml - nail polish remover for UV nail polish and hybrid polish
Remover is a special liquid for easy lifting and removal of UV nail polishes.
3,99 EUR
39,90 EUR per l

This product is similar to:

UV Gel Thick - Clear 30ml
This clear high viscosity Builder Gel does not run into the edges of the nail.  Extremely adhesive
7,49 EUR
24,97 EUR per 100ml
UV Gel Bonding Gel Classic 2 x 30 ml
 Thin viscosity Classic Base Gel is the basis for good adhesive nail sculpting.
13,49 EUR
22,48 EUR per 100ml
UV Builder - Camouflage Gel Cover 30ml  incl. 3 pcs. Brush set
Middle viscosity Camouflage modeling gel cover. Honey effect self smoothing. Covers any bumps perfectly.
8,99 EUR
UV Gel Set 4 x 5ml incl. Cuticle Oil, Primer, Gel brush
In our UV Gel Set Classic  incl. 1 cuticle oil you will find 4 different UV gels and 1 cuticle oil with a practical pipette which you require for perfect nail sculpting. You will also receive a gel brush and a primer.
13,33 EUR