LED/UV nail lamp Sun pink 6W, portable pocket LED / UV dual lamp for gel, gel polish nail art manicure

This product is compatible with (for example):

Special Nail Cleaner 100 ml
Degreaser for the removal of sweat layers
3,99 EUR
39,90 EUR per l
Celllets 500 pieces
Pads 500 pcs. practical lint-free cellulose pads for cleaning finger nails.
2,99 EUR
Remover 100ml - nail polish remover for UV nail polish and hybrid polish
Remover is a special liquid for easy lifting and removal of UV nail polishes.
3,99 EUR
39,90 EUR per l
UV Gel Set 4 x 5ml incl. Cuticle Oil, Primer, Gel brush
In our UV Gel Set Classic  incl. 1 cuticle oil you will find 4 different UV gels and 1 cuticle oil with a practical pipette which you require for perfect nail sculpting. You will also receive a gel brush and a primer.
13,33 EUR

This product is similar to:

Champion Line - builder gel rosie pink in the brush bottle
Champion Line gels are available in a practical brush bottle.
6,14 EUR
61,40 EUR per 100ml
UV Classic Finish - High Gloss 5 ml
UV Finishing gel (sealing gel)  clear low viscosity UV Gel for the perfect high gloss finish.
3,99 EUR
79,80 EUR per 100ml