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Welcome to Sun Garden Nails! Your online shop for everything to do with nail design. With us you will find high-quality and professional UV gels and UV color gels as well as poly acrylic gels and everything for acrylic systems such as acrylic powder. We offer UV gel and acrylic starter sets in various designs. Here everyone will find their set to get started. A large selection of accessories, such as UV curing devices, work lamps, dust extractors and nail cutters in various designs and colors are also waiting for you. Of course, we also offer a variety of different brushes and brush sets. All necessary consumables such as cleaner, cellettes and much more are of course part of our range. In addition, of course, nail art and tools for individual design for professionals and beginners. You too can benefit from our particularly favorable set offers! We are looking forward to your visit. Your Sun Garden Nails team. UV Gel Buildergel - for perfect nail modelling Attractive and well-groomed hands appear feminine and very neat. A beautiful and well-made nail design in the classic French design or with small playful decorations makes fingernails real eye-catchers and ensures that no nail polish splinteres and no nail can break off. High-quality UV gel for all three layers is the prerequisite for an even and Accurate design - with the middle layer determining the subsequent appearance of the nail the most. The building gel - the core of nail modeling: After applying the adhesive layer comes the UV gel, which thickens and models the nail as such. Here it is important to ensure that the gel cannot run into the edges of the nail and that it adheres well to the sweating layer of the adhesive gel or to the lower UV gel. The UV Gel Buildergel from www.uv-farbgele.de has exactly these properties. Due to its thick viscous consistency, it can also be easily processed and does not run. This makes it easy to model a beautiful C-curve. The gel is then sealed with the gloss layer and a long-lasting and regular nail modeling with the UV gel builder gel is created. UV build-up gel to stabilize fingernails Anyone who has ever dealt with nail care or has wished for strong nails for artificial nail extensions knows it. The magic formula of the build-up gel offers a quick and cheap remedy, which is also of a high quality, which is otherwise only used in the studio.Your own nails can be beautified without any problems by applying the UV gel. The process itself is easy to do, so it doesn't spill over the edge of the nail either. In this respect, anyone can simply apply the gel, it is almost child's play. The consistency of the substance is such that it is not too solid, but not too liquid either, and is therefore ideal for use on the nail. Curing in a light curing device gives the gel fingernail its shape, which can be designed as desired. With its energy, the UV radiation ensures that the build-up gel absorbs the rays and thus hardens through molecular processes. After the build-up gel has been irradiated on the fingernail, it is not only there to strengthen the nail. It is also used to design the fingernail. UV gel nails can be adjusted to suit your own taste. This makes it possible to change their shape and color with simple means. It is easy to achieve the desired shape with a nail dart. There are also numerous UV color gels. This allows the nail to be adjusted according to your own favorite color.